The Artist Haubi

Haubi Haubner


The hand-drawn images by artist HAUBI HAUBNER, based in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), show his influences from music, hippie culture, comics, pop art, and street art. Haubi Haubner also designs print patterns and creates screen prints.

His works, characterized by their precise technique, include motifs that range in style from detailed and interwoven to clear and graphic. Some of his earlier hand-drawn graphics are available, printed on t-shirts and bags, at the web-shop RIVRAV-streetcouture, as part of the Artistline that was created for him.

For his SERIE NUMBERS, the artist developed a distinctive style using an archaic-urban symbolic language that addresses socio-political issues.

Commissioned by the writer and activist Jürgen Grässlin, he designed and drew the logo for the anti-arms-trade website GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE. Haubi Haubner was then recruited as an illustrator, designing and drawing graphics for different theme pages on the website. For the GN-STAT illustrations, he developed stylistically-cohesive narrative imagery using his own pictograms, such as the one for armed conflict.

Two graphics from his SERIE NUMBERS „VICTIMS OF WAR 100000S“ and „PERPRETATOR OF WAR 5&1“ are also included here.

Digitalization of Artworks by Haubi Haubner Formatting
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You can view more of Haubis art on his website.

For a full collection of the work of art which is presented on the Global Net- Stop The Arms Trade click here