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Critical Company Chronicle Heckler & Koch (Summary)

“Critical Chronicle of Heckler & Koch’s rise to the global stage through the unrestrained export of small arms to human rights violating and warring states across the world”

Based in Germany and with subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and the USA, Heckler & Koch (H&K) is a world leader in the production and export of small arms (pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, etc.). H&K sees itself as a reliable partner for the military, police and Special Forces of NATO countries.

In contrast to the official „Chronicles“, this „CRITICAL COMPANY CHRONICLE H&K“ also names the dark sides of H&K AG and H&K GmbH (since the Second World War) – above all decades of arms transfers and licensing to states that violate human rights and wage wars. These critical chronicles gives perpetrators a face and a voice to victims all over the world.

That H&K has learned nothing from its deadly history is illustrated by the illegal export of thousands of G36 rifles to troubled provinces in Mexico. The investigations that followed our criminal complaint in this case were scandalously mishandled by the public prosecutor’s office. The verdict of the Stuttgart District Court consisting of acquittals or suspended prison sentences seems questionable. At least the company was sentenced to a fine and filed an appeal. For the first time in the history of H&K, illegal arms sales could be proven.

In cooperation with filmmakers we were able to reach an audience of millions with the story. See case 02

In March 2020, the Heckler & Koch management announced the consistent implementation of the „Green Country Strategy“ and the „Code of Ethics and Conduct“ as a result of the dialogue with the critical shareholders of H&K. No other arms-exporting company in Germany has set itself such strict requirements – the Critical Shareholders will vigilantly monitor the implementation and the exceptions.

The future of the heavily indebted arms manufacturer, which rejects the conversion to civilian production (arms conversion), and a victim fund, remains unclear.

Publication: 01. April 2020

Update published: 09. Februar 2022 (contains only the years 2020-2021)

Author: Jürgen Grässlin


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Annual general meeting of Heckler & Koch AG - digital for the first time

Dear friends of peace, dear ladies and gentlemen!

For the first time in the company’s history this year‘s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Heckler & Koch AG will be held on August 27th 2020 online due to Corona. This is occurring in extremely turbulent times for the company: The majority ownership has changed hands from the previous majority shareholder Andreas Heeschen to the Luxembourg-based company CDE (Nikolas Walewski). It is also critical that the Federal Security Council recently approved H&K arms exports to South Korea and Singapore.

Please contact us, the „Critical Shareholders of Heckler & Koch“ if you would like to support us at the AGM or accompany us to it.

Contact: rib@rib-ev.de

Phone: 0049-(0)761-7678088

Cordially Jürgen Grässlin,

Critical Shareholders Heckler & Koch, ArmsInformationCentre (RIB e.V.), DFG-VK, Action Cry Out – Stop the Arms Trade!

Translator: Ruth Rohde

Below you can find the Countermotions executed at the Annual General Meeting of the Heckler & Koch AG on August, 27th, 2020

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