Reports: Armenia


CASE 01: GLOBAL NET „German arms exports for genocide: Mauser rifles and Krupp cannons used in the genocide of Armenians by Ottoman armed forces (1895 – 1915)

Our historical research is documented: Regular Turkish troops and members of the„Gendarma“ and sometimes also German officers were involved in almost all actions in the
systematic genocide of more than one million Armenians. Most of the aggressors were armed with Mauser rifles or carbines, and hundreds of Krupp cannons were in use. Weapons exported from Germany provided the material basis for the genocide, German officers
contributed to its ideological basis.

For more information see Case 01

CASE 03: GLOBAL NET „High-tech for authoritarians – How human rights are violated with Israeli weapons“.

The Israeli arms industry is only a small part of global arms production, but it occupies a niche of great importance. It has gained a leading position in its areas of technological
specialization. Israel’s arms export policy is founded on an unscrupulous principle: ‚The enemy of my enemy is my friend‘. For example, The Israeli government allows arms exports to almost all countries that are regarded as opponents of Israel’s opponents.

For more information see Case 03: Chapter 2.4 (Nagorno_Karabakh).

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